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B. Al. Viţălaru1, I. A. Bîrţoiu1, D. Crânganu1, G. Polton2

1 – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest,Romania,;
2 – North Downs Specialist Referrals,United Kingdom

Introduction: InRomania, monochemotherapy exclusively using Vinca Rosea alkaloids created mutant cellular clones of Sticker sarcoma, activating MDR genes and severe mutant genes.

Materials and Methods: During this study, a number of 10 dogs with TVT, from different breeds, genders and ages have been studied. There were performed blood tests, X-Rays, coagulation profile, biochemistry of the blood, urine dipstick, abdominal ultrasound and cytology – FNA from the biopsy mass. All the submitted samples were analysed in Laboratory of Reference both from Romania and Netherlands. The history, clinical and histological findings were all compatible with TVT. The approach was different in the two Clinics. In UK, the therapeutic approach was different, using vincristine 0,7mg/m2 week one, repeated every 7 days for another three times.
In Romania, monochemotherapy created mutant cellular clones of Sticker sarcoma. Therefore, polichemotherapy have been used (genital localization, expansive and proliferate pattern with no metastases). Preoperative, neoadjuvant polichemotherapy for cytoreduction, based on ciclofosfamide 50mg/m2 or ifosfamide 200mg/m2, cyclo dependent cytostatics, and 5-fluorouracil as an antimetabolit, 50mg/m2 and vincristine 0,7mg/m2 week one, repeated every 14 days or after surgery to prevent recurrence.

Results: All cases treated inUK with vincristine and all Romanian dogs treated with polichemotherapy shown remission of the penile masses and complete healing. InRomania, monochemotherapy created mutant cellular clones.

Conclusion: Numerous cases of TVT in the free dog population in Romania and uncontrolled breeding, along with the absence of neutering (castration) favoured the spread of tumours and the transmission of the resistance from one dog to another.

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